How Do I Move Into a New Home Without a Lot of Stress?

When you’re moving into a new home, you are going to be in an agitated state already. You are ending your old life and beginning a new home. The comfort zone you had is no longer there. Most of the time, you’re working on a time schedule that isn’t your own. All of these things create stress, even in the best of home-moving situations.

Plan To Move Into Your New Home

But you can plan to move into your new home without a lot of added stress if you follow the steps spelled out below.

  1. Get Organized For Your Move – Get organized and make plans when you’re moving, and it will save you a lot of extra work and stress as the moving process gets going. “Getting organized” means setting up a time table, a plan, a backup plan and getting the things you’re moving in some kind of organized arrangement. These won’t take long to do, but they will make your move less stressful.
  2. Give Yourself Plenty of Time – Give yourself extra time to complete the move. A solid time frame for moving is somewhere in the 8 to 10 week range. This doesn’t mean you’ll be moving items every day, but this is the time span from the day you start preparations until you’re in the new house. A ton of little things will come up, from signing last-minute papers to getting utilities turned on and off, so give yourself time to work through each in their own time. This time also lets you adjust to the idea of a new house.
  3. how-move-home
    Clear Out Excess Clutter
    – Use the move as a time to throw out your unneeded clutter. This saves you time, because you’ll touch these items one time instead of two. Also, getting rid of clutter helps with the transition from one period of your life to another, because you are literally throwing out the old to make room for the new.
  4. Label Your Boxes – With the items you’re going to move into the new house, mark each box with which room it will go into during the move. Most people mark the type of item on the box, but that means you’ll be deciding the day of the move which room to set these in. Also, movers and helpers will be asking you where to put every box. Marking them by room takes a lot of moving-day decisions out of your hands, and allows everyone to instantly know where to put the boxes they are carrying.

Stress Free Moving by Hiring a Moving Company

Here are some steps you can take to have stress free moving by hiring a moving company.

  1. Research Your Movers – Before you choose a moving company to be your movers, do a little online research to see what kind of feedback they are getting. The last thing you need is a moving company that makes your move harder – not easier. You’ll remove a lot of the stresses of moving if you have professional movers.
  2. Ask Your Movers Questions – Before you hire a moving company, ask questions about the move. Know exactly what services you’re paying for before you pay. Once you’ve signed on the line, you won’t be able to convince your movers to do something that isn’t in the contract. Don’t have nasty surprises waiting for you the day of the move, so ask plenty of questions.
  3. Get Good Eats and Plenty of Sleep – Make certain you’re in a proper frame of mind the day of the move. Get a good meal instead of a bunch of snacks. Also, make certain you have plenty of rest the night before the move. If you’re tired during the move, you’re going to be grumpy and stressed the entire day.
  4. Have a Backup Plan – Just in case something happens to the movers in the days around your move, have a backup plan. Know about other moving companies. Know about other truck rental companies. Have friends lined up or extra vehicles to carry things, if something happens and your moving company doesn’t deliver.
  5. Plan Out the Moving Day – We end where we started. Make certain you have plenty of time for the move. Plan your moving day and give yourself plenty of slack time, because there will always be something that sets back your planned time. Also, try to give yourself an extra day or two to get the move done, because you don’t want the final hours before a deadline ticking down while you’re trying to move. A day or two gives you time to implement a backup plan, while it also assures you aren’t stressing about getting your move down immediately.