How to Cut Your Own Hair

For some people, going to the hairdresser to get their hair cut is a fun, enjoyable and affordable experience.

For others, getting a haircut is something they put off, because they view haircuts as needless, too expensive, they don’t like to chatter with the hairdresser or they don’t like staring in a mirror that long with nothing to distract their attention. If this sounds like you, then knowing how to cut your own hair will save you plenty of frustration.

Tips For Cutting Your Own Hair

Cutting your own hair is not the easiest thing in the world, but when mastered, doing your own haircut saves a money and is more convenient. In the following paragraphs we’ve listed some tips for cutting your own hair that should help you get started.

Hair Cutting Preparation

Cutting your own hair when it’s wet is easier than cutting dry hair. Make sure the hair you’re cutting is nicely soaked in water. It’s also a good idea to shampoo beforehand.

Brushing through your hair is important, too. An individual trying to cut his own hair should make sure it is tangle free. Cutting tangled hair is a recipe for disaster.

Simpler is Better

Cutting your own hair is best done when trying to recreate simple styles. A shaved head or a simply hair cut is much easier than trying to recreate the most stylish and intricate hairstyles of the moment.

If a person wants a nouveau stylish style, they’re best paying the extra money and going to the hair salon. A simple hair cut should be no problem, though.

Investing in a good quality shaver, or pair of sharp scissors, is always a good bet. This pays for itself after a few missed trips to the hair salon. The better quality the utensils you cut your hair with, the better haircut you get. Poor quality razors or scissors cause very uncomfortable moments where a person might even pull out their hair by accident.

Hair Cutting Tips

One tip is to start with a professional hair cut that you have paid for. After it grows to the point you want it cut again, get the scissors out yourself and cut it the same amount all around. This keeps the same style as the professional haircut you paid for earlier, but it means you don’t have to pay for another professional cut.

When cutting your hair for the first time, have a friend sit with you, to make sure you don’t do anything too drastic. Like with any skill, you’ll improve with practice. Having an extra pair of eyes your first try helps to avoid a disastrous stage, when learning how to cut your own hair.

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