How to Style Curly Hair

For many man and women curly hair can seem like such a burden. Curly hair can often be difficult to style, cut, and not to mention that the slightest bit of humidity can make your hair frizz. But while it seems like a burden to you, there are so many people out there trying to achieve the curly look. Many straight haired women have several upon several curling irons and spend extensive time trying to make it work for them. So try to be happy with your curls and if you are having some of the common issues associated with curly hair, then you are in the right place. We have some tips to make it a bit easier to work with your hair.

Prevent Frizzy Hair

One of the biggest issues you will find with curly hair is how easy it is to get frizzy hair. Curly hair is naturally dry, so any excessive moisture will cause your hair to poof. Generally as a curly haired person you would want to have some sort of “leave in” conditioner and a styling serum that contains silicone. This can trap moisture and you will not have the issue of dry hair meets moisture. Aside from that it is best to shower every other day while deeply conditioning your hair once a week. You will also want to apply a leave in conditioner to the ends of your hair afterwards.

Blow dryers can be your enemy. If your hair is wet, the only needed ingredient needed for humidity is heat which as you know will cause your hair to frizz. It is best to let your hair air dry as much as possible and if you need to blow dry it then use a diffuser. Diffusers have little prongs and allow you to comb through your hair and evenly distribute heat.

Curly Hair Styles

There are many hair styles available to women with curly hair. Some very quick tips if you are ever on the run is to throw your hair in a headband. You will see many celebrities doing this as well. It is also possible with some good products or a strong arm to straighten your hair. It should be mentioned that using a hair brush is a no-no while a comb is ok and just finger brushing is preferred.

If possible find a stylist that has curly hair themselves. Curly hair is not the same as straight hair and you can be left with some undesired results. You will want to make sure your hair is layered well which can take care of the “Christmas tree” look. You will also want to be careful in how short you cut your hair if you choose as it can cause your hair to start puffing out on the sides. In most cases longer is better and that is because of the weight of your hair and curls. Ask around and find a good stylist. Do not go to someone because they say they can cut curly hair. See if you have an friends or family with previous experience.

With a little bit of patience and determination you can have great curly hair. The biggest thing you want to focus on avoiding is the lack of moisture in your hair combined with a lot of heat. If you use a product when you are in the shower such as a gel you can lock in moisture which will take care of frizz. So embrace your hair and love it because there are many people out there who wish they had hair just like yours.