Maine Wineries & Winery Tours

The land in Maine is not conducive to growing grapes, but that isn’t stopping some Maine wineries from using the great gifts that they have for producing fine wines. Maine wineries do produce wines from grapes, but they must get their grapes from other parts of the country. What Maine wineries do have access to that make the wineries a unique experience, is blueberries. Maine wineries are hoping to start a trend in fine wines and introduce the other fruit wines to the world with award winning blueberry wines.

The Maine wineries are trying to change the mind of the world about wines made from other fruits. There is a misconception that these wines are very sweet and not as refined as the grape wines, but the winemakers are producing wines that will dispel this myth. There are some innovative techniques being used in the Maine wineries to produce some very dry and distinct wines from fruits not usually associated with wine.

Maine is a lovely scenic state to visit and explore the lovely New England coastline. Maine wineries make it a treat for wine lovers and those seeking a new flavor in wines. Learn how wines are made in these wineries while discovering how the local fruits are being incorporated in Maine wines.


The wineries in Maine offer some great activities while you sample their products. Learn about wine making, sample the products, enjoy a cooking class or other special event while touring the wineries. Check the various wineries events calendar when you plan your trip to Maine. The state of Maine is home to the world’s best seafood and lobster, quaint bed and breakfasts, antique shops, gorgeous beaches and now flavorful and unique wines. Maine wineries offer visitors wines made from grapes, blueberries, apples and even cranberries for some of the most surprisingly refined wine n the country.

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