Nebraska Wineries & Winery Tours

Nebraska wineries began in the mid nineteenth century. Today, the oldest winery in existence in the area began in the mid 1990s. The difficult growing climate, limits the amount of European wines that can be produced in the area. The existing wineries produce an American-European hybrid that can withstand the climate.

A wine inspired vacation in Nebraska will take you to various regions of the state. Area wineries offer tasting rooms for visitors and tours of the vineyards. While the variety of grapes and wines in Nebraska is limited by the climate, there are some innovative techniques happening at the wineries that are producing some of  the finest wines in the country. Watch winemakers ply their trade and sample the products of the hard work and artistry of Nebraska winemaking.

Nebraska offers a wonderfully scenic vacation for wine lovers who wish to explore the vineyards. While the climate and soil make it difficult to grow European grapes, the unique climate has led to some distinctive varieties of grapes that create the unique flavor of Nebraska wines. The innovation of Nebraska wineries produces fine wines within their own climate and soil restrictions. The winemakers have proven to the world that fine wines can be created without European vines.


Many of the vineyards sell their wines directly to the public and can be ordered online. There are restrictions in some states regarding the sale and shipment of wine, so you should check with your state before ordering. It is a great way to sample the wines of Nebraska wineries before you make the trip to the area.

Check the vineyards to find more information regarding hours of operation for the tasting rooms and to explore the vineyards. Not every winery is open to the public so make sure that you plan your trip to Nebraska wineries before you make your travel arrangements.

Last Chance Winery

432 2nd Street

Crawford NE 69339


Winery Cuthills Vineyard

54663 853 Road

Pierce NE 68767