Nevada Wineries & Winery Tours

Nevada wineries have joined the booming wine industry with three vineyards in the state that hope to bring a new kind of tourism to the region. Following in the footsteps of California, with a rich history of wine production, Nevada hopes to encourage visitors to the state to tour the vineyards and sample the wine.

The Pahrump Winery offers visitors a gift shop, fine dining restaurant and year round tours for visitors. This Nevada winery offers visitors a place to enjoy the beautiful scenery while spending time sampling the wines. The winery holds special events for travelers such as weddings and parties. The Pahrump winery offers visitors a chance to experience a behind the scenes view to winemaking.

The Tahoe Ridge winery is the second oldest in the state and uses grapes from its own vineyards as well as those imported from California. This Nevada winery offers a tasting room and is open to the public year round but the schedule may change during different seasons. Plan ahead when visiting Nevada wineries to be sure that you can experience the wines in the tasting rooms.

The Churchill Vineyards is the third winery in Nevada’s blooming wine business. This winery is experimenting with several varieties to find the ideal grapes for wine production in the region.


The potential growth of the Nevada winery business can promote and grow surrounding businesses in the region. Other areas of the country have experienced tremendous growth in the bed and breakfast industry as a result of the growing wine industries and Nevada hopes to reap the same rewards.

Nevada wineries offer visitors a chance to explore the new vineyards and sample their production. In the years to come, Nevada wineries will continue to grow and explore this burgeoning new industry. And wine lovers will have a chance to experience the growth right along with them.

Pahrump Valley Vineyards

3810 Winery Road

Pahrump NV 89048