New Hampshire Wineries & Winery Tours

One of the most scenic states in all of the New England states is New Hampshire. For those looking to glimpse the stunning fall foliage in the region, taking a tour of New Hampshire wineries can add a little fun and excitement to the trip. Every year thousands of visitors take the trip to New Hampshire to witness the glorious change in colors on the trees from deep reds to vibrant oranges. While spending time admiring the wonder of mother nature, explore the vineyards in the area and sample the wine produced by this lovely part of the country.

A fine example of the quality vineyards in New Hampshire is the Candia Vineyard. It is a small New England vineyard, which captures the spirit of the state with its rugged individualism. Candia Vineyards produce wine that is nationally and internationally recognized for its unique flavor.

Another fine example of wines produced in New Hampshire come from Flagg Hill Winery. There is a nice variety of wines at Flagg Hill winery that produces dessert wines along with fruit and grape wines. Visitors are welcome to explore the vineyards and stop into the winery for a sample of the wine.

The New Hampshire wineries are putting the state on the map in the wine industry. With quaint bed and breakfasts located throughout the state, it is an ideal spot to plan a romantic getaway. New England is a beautiful region of the country through the entire year, but it really shines during the autumn. While visiting New Hampshire wineries, spend some time enjoying the harvest from this unique New England state.


Wine tasting events are featured during the year in New Hampshire that will show off the bounty of New Hampshire wineries for visitors to enjoy. New Hampshire has a quaint small town feel in many of the towns and cities in the state. It is a great place to bring the family and explore New Hampshire wineries.

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