What Are Some Good Hair Care Treatments For Various Types Of Hair?

Whether you have curly hair or a dry scalp, you might be asking yourself, “What are some good hair care treatments for various types of hair?” Luckily, AskDeb.com has your answers!

Hair Care Tips

The following hair care tips should help you treat a variety of everyday hair problems and help you take preventative measures.

Trimming Split Ends

If you have split ends (which can be caused by everything from blow drying to chemical trauma), the only sure-fire remedy is trimming. Split ends are most common in long hair, although it can also be present in short hair which isn’t taken care of properly.

Despite common belief, trimming your hair does not cause faster hair grow or prevent hair loss. The rate of growth is governed by hormones and heredity.

Tangled Hair

Numerous combs are available which aid in the care of tangled hair. The best way to detangle hair is with a wide-toothed comb. Be sure to not share combs with others, as this can cause the spread of lice or dandruff.

Hair Styling Products

Hair styling products include gels, creams, waxes, sprays, hair straighteners and many other items. These do not include basic shampoos and conditioners. While these products will result in the hair drying out, no further damage should be caused. Some styling products do contain chemicals which result in dull hair through chemical build-up.

Shampoo & Conditioners

When asking, “What are some good hair care treatments for various types of hair,” you should realize that shampoos and conditioners are the most popular. Although they do clean the hair and scalp, these products are not necessary for maintaining healthy hair. In fact, washing with shampoo and conditioner more than three times per week may cause your hair to dry out and look frizzy.

Other options include organic hair care treatments like lime juice, vinegar and lemon juice. Coconut oil and olive oil may also be used to soften hair.

Chlorine In Hair

For swimmers, there are products available which remove all traces of chlorine from the hair. You can also try wetting the hair entirely and then applying conditioner.

Hair Buildup

If you suffer from a buildup of chemicals in your hair, you may need to use a clarifying shampoo. This leaves the hair without moisture, so be sure and use a conditioner afterwards.

Curly Hair

If your hair is curly, be careful about brushing it while it’s dry. Curly hair will dry out easily, so you may need to try some brand of leave-in conditioner. There are also products catering to curl definition and frizz control.

Minerals In Water

When asking, “What are some good hair care treatments for various types of hair,” you should be aware of how minerals in the water can affect the health of you hair. For example, copper can discolor hair, calcium causes hair to feel dry, and magnesium causes hair to lack shine.

These and many other minerals can be found in well water, although a shower head filter can help keep them from getting into your hair. If this doesn’t do the trick, you might also consider certain brands of conditioner or demineralizing shampoo.