What Is Bathroom Furniture?

Your bathroom is more than just a place to take care of business. It can be a sacred retreat that reflects your own sense of style. Bathrooms can be remodeled and decorated in a variety of ways, each as unique and different as the next. There is a near endless amount of fixtures, hardware, and accessories that you can get to transform your bathroom from a simple and functional room to an elegant masterpiece. One type of item that you can check out to make your bathroom different is bathroom furniture.

Types of Bathroom Furniture

So what is bathroom furniture? Types of bathroom furniture encompass all of the accessories that you can add to your bathroom. Some of these accessories are merely for function while others are decorative.

Bathroom vanities are one of the most prominent furniture items in your bathroom. A basic vanity serves as a counter for your sink and a cabinet underneath. But they can be so much more than that.  A vanity can have more than one sink and be made of a number of exotic and expensive materials. Vanity styles are all across the board. You’ve got everything from modern and contemporary to historical replicas.

Bathroom cabinets are another big furniture item. Many times bathrooms are built with little to no storage space. If that is the case, you need a cabinet to store items such as towels, shampoos, and other items. These cabinets, similar to vanities, come in many different styles and finishes. Some are free standing shelves with doors while others are storage shelves. Medicine cabinets are also in this category. Most medicine cabinets are fitted behind a mirror over the sink. These cabinets are great places to store your medicines, first aid, shaving items, toothbrush and such.


Not all vanities include a sink. Some vanity sets include a small table with a mirror and a stool. These are handy for people who have a lot of accessories such as brushes, combs, cosmetics, and other related things. A separate vanity keeps the sink from getting cluttered and provides a spot for you to inspect yourself as you get dressed.

Hampers are another bathroom furniture fixture. Their purpose is to store used towels, linens, and dirty clothes. Hampers are handy because it keeps all the laundry off the floor. When the hamper is full, you can move it to the laundry room and empty it.

Where To Buy Bathroom Accessories

You can buy bathroom accesories at just about any furniture store. Most of the larger stores and chains have separate areas for their bathroom items. You can find bathroom furniture anywhere from your local furniture store to Wal-Mart and Target. Depending on where you look will depend largely on your budget. Bathroom furniture can be inexpensive or it can be quite costly. If you want some cheap furniture, check out Wal-Mart or a discount store. You will have to put it together yourself but most are pretty easy. For the higher quality furniture, you will need to go to a high-end furniture store. Some of the furnishings can be very expensive but at least they come assembled.

If you can’t find the right furniture, no need to fret. These days you don’t have to be stuck with your local furniture store. If you are searching for just the right style of furniture, you can look online. There are many websites that have a large stock of inventory to choose from. Here are a few of the more popular sites.

  • Seventh Avenue – This site has a wide assortment of furniture for bedrooms, home offices, living rooms, kitchens, and baths. They carry many styles that range in price from $50 to $200. They even have a ‘sale’ section for discounted items.
  • Ikea – Ikea is a huge superstore with many locations across the U.S. and an extensive online store. They have a huge assortment of products to choose from and their bath furniture is very practical and affordable.
  • Overstock – This website is full of discounted items from furniture, clothes, jewelry, electronics, and other gifts. The quality and price range of their items vary from cheap and practical to elaborate and expensive. This is definitely a great site to shop if you want to look at a wide variety of styles.
  • Just Bathroom Furniture – This is a site dedicated to solely bathroom furnishings such as vanities, mirrors, cabinets, and other accessories. Their selection is quite good with competitive prices.