Where Can I Get Bathroom Remodeling Ideas?

Bathrooms are often the most common room in the house to get remodeled. They are definitely the most used so why not turn an ordinary room into something special where you can rest and relax? Bathrooms do not have to be utilitarian and boring. They can be reflections of your personal tastes and style, just as much as your bedroom can be. You can remodel your bathroom into just about anything by changing up the furnishings such as the vanity, bathtub, cabinets, toilet, or décor. You can even add a new coat of paint to match the towels. There is an endless possibility of ideas.

Bathroom Design & Renovation

Bathroom design & renovation can be big projects where you completely redo everything or they can be small projects where you just paint the walls a new color. But not everybody can come up with their own ideas and designs. A professional designer would be happy to come up with the designs themselves but they will charge you and arm and a leg. It is much cheaper to do everything yourself. Yet you may not be very good at creating a new bathroom design. If so, you may wonder “Where can I get bathroom remodeling ideas?” Here are a few sources for you to check out.

Home Improvement Stores

Since the mid 1990’s, home improvement stores have risen in popularity. More and more people want to do their own repairs and remodeling because not only is it cheaper than hiring a contractor but it also gives you more control over how the work is done. Home improvement stores have a large inventory of fixtures and accessories suitable for the bathroom. All you have to do is browse through the aisles and you can get your ideas from the products that are displayed. Also, there are usually brochures around the store that feature various products. You can find everything you need in a home improvement store from cabinets, storage shelves, paint, mirrors, fans, fixtures, sinks, and tubs. A home improvement store will also give you different price ranges to set your budget.

Magazines And Books


There are tons of publications out on the newsstands and magazine racks that deal solely with home remodel. There are many magazines that deal with home and bathroom decorations and remodeling. The detail that they go into varies depending on the magazine. Some of these magazines cover just finished bathrooms that are completely decorated. Most of these showcased bathrooms are unique but you can still get lots of good ideas. Other magazines go into more detail about how to do a remodel project.

If you want to look at some good books on remodeling bathrooms, you can find plenty of material at bookstores and libraries. They have several subjects that cover everything from design to the more technical part of installation and repair. There are lots of do-it-yourself guides that get published every year.

The Internet

The Internet has been a huge source of information and ideas for remodeling projects. There are numerous sites with tips, techniques, floor plans, and photo references. You can check out websites that give detailed accounts of other people’s bathroom projects. You can also go to manufacturer websites and browse through their online stores to get ideas. Do a search for bathroom remodel ideas and click on some of the sites that come up. There are many do-it-yourself sites that have forums where people who are remodeling their bathrooms can post questions and advice for others.

Building Expos and Shows

Building expos that showcase new materials and products are a great source of ideas. This gives you the chance to see the latest models of products, the newest construction methods, and new designs in fixtures, appliances, and accessories. One big advantage of going to a building show or expo is that you can talk to sales representatives from all the various manufacturers. This gives you a great opportunity to talk one on one with them if you have any questions or concerns about their products.

Friends and Family

Chances are there is someone in your family that is either in the middle of a bathroom remodel or have completed one in the recent past. This is a good chance to talk to someone who has gone through all the problems that you are going through in fixing up the old bathroom. You can take a look at what they are doing or have done and really pick their brain on how they did it.