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The winery section at Ask Deb serves as both a guide to winery tours and a directory of wineries throughout the United States. The sidebar on the left side of this page has a list of 29 states where wineries can be found. Simply click on the state of your choice to be taken to the appropriate page.


Facilities that handle the production, warehousing and bottling of wine are known as wineries. A winery typically requires a winemaker who is an expert in the winemaking process. He is able to produce a variety wines (such as Pinot Noir, Merlot, Cabernet, Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon) from the fermentation of different types of grapes.

Wineries exist in different types and sizes. Farm wineries produce and sell their own wines. Commercial wineries acquire grapes from remote locations and produce the wine in modern facilities. Smaller wine facilities ordinarily only carry enough equipment to produce wine, while larger facilities contain storage rooms (wine cellars) capable of holding hundreds of bottles and barrels of wine. Wine cellars also vary by location, some are built above ground (also known as a wine room) and others are built underground.

Winery Tours

The styles of architecture used to build wineries make them beautiful and captivating sites. It’s because of this that winery tours are so popular.

Touring a winery can be a rich and enlightening experience. A typical winery tour includes a guided walk through the vineyards, cellars and production rooms where you will learn about the history of wine making, witness the wine making process and taste samples of wine. Many of the winery locations that allow tours also have separate wine tasting rooms known as “cellar doors” where patrons can view a display of all the wine products offered by the winery and enjoy a sampling of wine before making a purchase.

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