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Jessica Bosari – Contributor

jessica-bosariJessica Bosari is an up and coming writer specializing in health, diet, home and family, nutrition and emotional well-being. She also knows a thing or two about internet marketing and social networking.

Jessica loves to write because it keeps her learning. She believes that through learning, any negative can be turned into a positive. Jessica sees limitless possibilities, which she often contemplates while viewing the wide expanse of Cape Cod Bay that sits just outside her window.

In October 2008, after a 13-year career in insurance, Jessica found herself looking for work. She decided to make the best of things by taking her love of writing and turning it into a successful career. She has taken the analytical and communicative skills she learned in her insurance career and applied them towards becoming a successful freelance writer. Jessica now writes for various online publications and freelance clients.

Jessica is 36 years old and was born in upstate New York. She spent much of her formative years in Ledyard, CT where she attended High School. She moved to Plymouth, MA in 1997 where she now lives with her husband and two sons. When not writing, Jessica is designing needlecrafts. She especially likes designing and creating hand made baby blankets for her friends and relatives.

Shane Rivers – Contributor

shane-riversBorn on Thanksgiving Day in 1971, Shane Rivers spent his childhood on farmland north of Bonham, Texas. In these early years, he enjoyed exploring the woods, helping with farm chores, reading comic books, and watching lots and lots of television.

During high school, Shane was very active in UIL theatre and won numerous awards. His acting experience included leading roles in Plaza Suite, The Potboiler, Macbeth, The Man Who Came to Dinner, Cheaper by the Dozen, and A Christmas Carol. During his senior year, Shane and the cast of Plaza Suite even managed to reach the state level of UIL competition (a first for their school’s drama department).

After completing high school, Shane attended numerous colleges and dabbled in many majors (including Art, English Literature and Drama). Following a not-so-epic journey of self-discovery, he finally decided on Radio/Television/Film and obtained his degree from the University of North Texas in 1998.

Upon graduation, he applied his degree towards a job in the television industry. During his time at a small-market station in North Texas, he worked his way up from running cameras to co-managing an award-winning newsroom.

After a few years, Shane left the TV station in search of new career opportunities. That path would eventually lead to his becoming a freelance writer. Since that time, he has written on a wide range of topics (from Internet gambling to pet care), and the variety of his assignments always keep him coming back for more.

In his spare time, Shane enjoys reading, video games, movies, the Internet, and playing with his dog. He is currently single, but constantly hoping to catch Jessica Alba in a vulnerable condition.

Will Roby – Contributor

will-robyWill Roby is a poet and playwright living in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He earned a BA in English from Texas Tech University in 2005, having studied Theatre and creative writing. He is an avid reader and music fan. He enjoys live concerts, contemporary art, and friendly debate. Will’s favorite topics to write about are good food, good wine, and current events.

Will grew up in Beaumont, Texas. He is the son of a school teacher and a port administrator. Will is currently pursuing a graduate degree in creative writing in hopes of one day becoming a college professor. Until then, he is happy to be writing for, and hopes you will feel free to contact him via email at W.F.Roby [at]

His poems have appeared in numerous literary journals and websites, including Stirring, Karawane, Poetry Super Highway, The George Washington Review, The Melic Review, and A Chaos of Angels — a book dedicated to poetry about addiction and recovery. He is currently shopping a one act play about haircuts and the nature of infinity to off-Broadway producers.

He lives in the Los Candelarias neighborhood of Albuquerque, right up against the Rio Grande, with his girlfriend, his mutt Dooley, and a street cat named Spaghetti.

Doug Brinlee – Contributor

brian-brinleeDoug Brinlee is a freelance writer and illustrator living in the only state where it is too wet in the spring, too hot in the summer, and too cold in the winter. This state, of course, can only be Texas. He grew up on a small ranch where he learned all the skills of a typical rancher such as how to get bucked off a horse or how to get a tractor stuck in the mud. But somewhere along the way he developed a love for literature and the arts. He attended college and pursued a degree in graphic arts. As an illustrator, he has done everything from commercial design, magazine covers, game illustration, and comicbook work. Writing is just another artistic outlet for him. So far he has written articles about everything from gambling to the proper way to ride a motorcycle to romantic advice. Other than writing and art, Brian has also worked as a carpenter, a house painter, green house attendant, and commercial printer. Brian still lives on a ranch with horses, livestock, and too many dogs. He occasionally still sticks a tractor in the mud. In those rare moments called ‘spare time’ he enjoys reading, cooking, watching movies, and spending time in the outdoors. Unless it is too wet, too hot, or too cold.

Matt Geer – Contributor

matt-geerMatt Geer is an up and coming webmaster who currently lives in the Pacific Northwest. Although he is still fairly young at 25 years old, he has done many things such as work on motorcycles, ornamental welding, and manage in a restaurant. All of things that he has done has been learned on the job and takes pride in knowing he can do each of these things well. Like most entrepreneurs, Matt had the desire to work for himself and found it difficult to do so because of the cost of tools and equipment and overall starting costs of a business.

In the later part of 2008, Matt decided to look into creating websites for fun. The focus originally started in the video game niche, but Matt’s enjoyment of poker soon led him to the world of affiliating. He has not looked back since and currently writes to support himself until his websites create enough revenue to allow him to focus on website building 100% of his time. He has received a lot of mentoring over the last few months and has made many friends. The help he has received along with a little bit of hard work is the reason why he has met his goal of being self-employed.

In the long run, Matt’s goals are to become financially independent where work can be more fun as opposed to, well, work. He is currently in the process of studying different forms of web creation and plans on attending school in the near future. Matt would like to study all forms of web design so that he can build more of his sites himself instead of looking for others to do the work for him. He will also take web creation projects on in the future when he is more experienced.

John Clifton – Contributor

John Clifton is a Texas-based freelance writer who has written extensively on a number of subjects, including dating, relationships, travel, music, gambling, business, finance, politics, health and sports. John Clifton is a man of the world who has seen his share of living and is happy to give his thoughts on most of what he has seen.

John has a wide range of interests, including the exercise and health, politics and history, travel and world events, and he enjoys release from the day-to-day grind through gaming, reading, comics and anime. His Netflix queue is full of anime, about half of which he tends to enjoy (he is not too selective about what he’ll try). Among his favorites are Samurai 7, Samurai Champloo and Cowboy Bebop, though any list of favorites wouldn’t do the genre justice. John Clifton enjoys the combination of beautiful artwork, stunning musical accompaniments and stories involving loss and regret.

John Clifton prefers to read history and considers himself a knowledgeable amateur historian, though he tries to make room for the occasional classic literature and has joined a horror book club in the last year (throwing off a lifelong aversion to “horror” culture), in the hopes of exposing himself to something entirely different. His historical tastes run to the diplomatic and political history of people and nations, and he considers history the study of the “most interesting people who have ever lived”. John also has an unhealthy amount of sports knowledge gained from a childhood obsessing about the world sports scene. He is a fan of most Dallas-area sports team, as well as disparate worldwide sports franchises like FC Barcelona and Liverpool FC (and peoples’ teams everywhere). Of course, his first sports loyalty is to America’s Team: the Dallas Cowboys.

John started a new exercise regimen three and one-half years ago and, despite fighting over the same 10-15 pounds every winter and spring, continues to work out between 5-7 times a week. He takes a yearly ski trip which helps to motivate him to stay in shape during the winter months, when a healthy exercise regimen is harder to maintain. Joining a gym to help that routine is definitely an option every winter.

John Clifton’s musical interests range are eclectic and he tends to avoid the music of friends and enemies alike. John spent the better part of ten years listening to classical music almost entirely, with his favorite composer being J.S. Bach, but has since tried to rekindle an early love of pop music. Today, he enjoys listening to trance music and chill music and (to a lesser extent) other atmospheric genres like electronic goth music, while occasionally dipping his foot into the mainstream of pop music for the song or artist who catches his fancy. While he likes “the idea of jazz”, John Clifton has yet to find a jazz genre he embraces fully, and would listen to any suggestions from readers of this site. Generally speaking, John Clifton’s musical tastes range into the complex and the atmospheric and sometimes even the dramatic, with an emphasis on a heavy baseline offering a contrast to the main melody of the song. John considers peoples’ musical choices to be the soundtracks of peoples’ lives and the composition itself to be the most magical component of music. He is practically indifferent to lyrics, saying, “If I want a story, I’ll read a book. It’s a better medium for that, anyway.”

Mr. Clifton enjoys taking comments and questions from readers at AskDeb and is gratified when he can help a person, whether it’s helping them remember the name of a song or giving general advice on life decisions. You can follow John Clifton on his Twitter page and John Clifton’s page.

Randy Ray – Owner, Editor

randy-rayRandy Ray can best be described by his home town charm, his affinity for reading and his southern Texas drawl. He was born in a small town outside of Wylie, TX and encompasses the essence of true Texas living.  During his youth Ray discovered his passion for card games and reading (a passion he would later turn into a business).

Randy Ray attended college at UNT of Denton, TX in the early 1990’s where he earned a degree in Literature. After college, Randy taught high school English for a brief period of time before recognizing his skills in sales and marketing. For the next 10 years Ray pursued a career in sales mainly working for a Dallas based travel company now known as Randy excelled in the corporate environment quickly moving through various departments, holding several positions including a year spent as an affiliate manager for the internet marketing department.

In the early 2000’s Mr. Ray was inspired to learn poker after reading Poker Nation by Andy Bellin. Soon after, Ray could be found playing poker at most major online card rooms mastering his skills as a poker player and exploring the world of poker affiliate marketing. Randy Ray used his talent as a writer, skills as a poker player and business savvy from years in sales to begin a network of online gambling informational sites.  Since then, Randy Ray has expanded his efforts and devoted his time in the operation and development of numerous websites including Ask

In his personal life, Randy Ray is a devoted father, loving husband and an inspiring mentor. He still enjoys the occasional game of online poker and loves to read in his spare time. Ray also enjoys to cook and can often be found grilling out in the backyard with his son.

Anthony Victorio – AskDeb Webmaster

anthony-victorioAnthony Victorio is a transplant from Lima, Peru and migrated to the U.S. during his youth. His family settled down in Dallas, TX during the 1990’s and have made it their home ever since. Anthony has been involved and interested in technoligy ever since he was young child.

Anthony joined the internet at the age of 11 when his parents bought him a Packard Bell (a.k.a. Packard Hell) and a subscription to the Prodigy internet service. By the age of 12 he was building his own computers and running FTP and HTTP web services. At age 14 he helped his Junior High develop their first student ran website.

After highschool Anthony has participated in various industries including hospitality and accounting. He refined old outdated spredsheets used by hotels in the Dallas area bringing automation and accuracy. Through his employement at various hotel properties he became aware of and joined their team in 2002. During his time at, Anthony developed various database systems that allowed for the automation of invoicing, contract management and rooming lists for Group Sales Department. He later became responsible for special projects that including the implementation and administration of CRM systems including SalesForce, GetAnswered web applications and web portals that brought interactivity between agents and customers, and brought improved effeciency to the department.

While at, Anthony got the chance to meet and work with Randy Ray who would later become his mentor and good friend. Anthony joined Randy’s organization in 2008 and has been working in the development and expansion of Randy’s network of websites. While he is sitll young in this industry he seeks to expand his understanding of web marketing and SEO with Randy’s guidance.

Anthony also runs and operates a small network of websites including a P90X Workout & P90X equipment site. You can visit his website to learn more about Anthony Victorio.