What Are Some Good Wine Blogs?

Wine is an elegant, classy beverage that makes one think of sparkling glassware and subtle aromas. In Europe, wine has been the drink of choice for any celebration or festivity. In the United States, it was usually reserved for the society’s elite or for romantic dinners and occasions.

Yet over the past several years, there has been a growing interest in wines. It is not just for a select privileged few. More and more people are letting their taste buds experience the different vintages. The growing interest has even sparked numerous wine blogs.

Wine blogs cover everything from different labels, to which wines had a good year, to where you can get some affordable deals on a good bottle.  Here is a list of some wine blogs for anyone wanting to know more about this wonderful drink of the gods.

Some Good Wine Blogs

The Wine Spies – The Wine Spies is a fun but very informative blog that critiques different wines from several vineyards. The blog is written like a mission file for a spy. For every wine reviewed, the blog names the mission, the agent, the objective, the current wine and winery, and the wine maker. After conducting a tasting of the wine (that also involves look, smell, and feel) a mission report is written that gives the conclusion of the mission.

Some of the wines that are reviewed in their ‘missions’ are 2004 Frazier Family Estate Cabernet Sauvignon, 2004 Burgess Cellars Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon, 2005 Dry Creek Vineyard Somers Ranch Zinfadel, and more.

Wine Girl – Written by a couple in Cincinnati, this blog mainly focuses on local wine events in that area. They have a Wine Trail that has a list of area wineries along with wine tastings for every night of the weekend. The blog even has an events calendar. The couple has some experience with wines as they have been judges for several wine tasting competitions. One of the interesting items about the blog is the wine rating scale. It is a series of smiley face icons that range from a happy face for wines that they loved to a sour face for wines that they didn’t like at all.

Steve Heimoff – This blog is written by a wine aficionado who has written two books, A Journey Along the Russian River and New Classic Winemakers of California. Heimoff is also the West Coast Editor of Wine Enthusiasts magazine. He has been writing about wines since 1989 and has been involved in the industry as an educational speaker, hosting wine seminars, reviews, and marketing. His blog probably has everything you could want to know about wine. He writes about types of wines, sales, shipping, packaging, wineries, and events.

Wanderer Wines – Here is an interesting blog that centers on a different part of the world. Wanderer Wines is a blog dedicated to the wine industry of South Africa. While South Africa may not be France, the industry there is doing well as the climate and conditions are similar to that of California. The site has a lot of local information which is only helpful if you live or are traveling to South Africa in the near future. But the blog also has a wine educational section that features articles on food pairing and reviews of international wine events. There are also reviews of local vintages that are an interesting read.

Wine Lovers Page – Credited as the oldest and largest wine site on the Internet, it is the definitive authority on wines. If you can’t find it here, it probably doesn’t exist. They have articles for beginners such as how to properly taste wines and what makes a good wine. There is a whole section with several chapters on wine education. They take you from the origins of wine to the current wine makers in the U.S. There is an extensive list of wine tasting notes from all over the world. If you have any questions, there is a section where you can ask a wine expert or join in on a forum discussion.

About.com’s Wine Blog – About.com is a large and resourceful site full of useful information. They have a pretty decent blog section for wine. There are articles on the basics of wine as well as introductions to red wine and white wine. The blog covers information that is suitable for beginners. There are videos on how wine is made, how to store and serve wine, wine tasting, and buying wine. The blog also has recipes for sangrias and reviews on various wines.

Wine Welfare – Advertised as “Wine Suggestions for the Fiscally Challenged”, this blog is mostly all reviews on wines that have a great taste and an affordable price tag. Nothing reviewed is over $20. The articles are all written in ‘layman’s terms’ so that you don’t have to be a true wine expert in order to read and understand it. But the reviews are pretty extensive as far as covering a wide variety of wines. And no boxes were reviewed.

Serious About Wine – This blog is a little different from the other wine blogs. It focuses more on wine marketing, packaging, and design. The categories for the blog cover everything from Innovation, Branding, Jobs, Label Design, and such, it is interesting to see what the latest trends are in the market today. This blog really is for someone who is in the wine business or maybe thinking about getting into it. Still good reading, though.

Bordeaux Undiscovered – This site is simple to navigate but has a very wide range of wine-related topics. He writes about everything to do with the industry from news, different wine maker profiles, wine reviews, wine history, and even some really good recipes that go well with wine. The best thing about this site is the writer gives so much background into early wine makers and how their labels came about.

Vinography: A Wine Blog – Vinography is a popular blog created by a man named Alder Yarrow. He has been proclaimed as the pioneer of wine blogs. Vinography was started in 2003 and has been going strong since. The site gives wine reviews, articles about wine events, wine bars and restaurants of the San Francisco area, and so much more. A really great source if looking for a review about a particular wine.