How Can I Make A Wine Gift Basket?

If you have someone special in your life who loves wine, a gift basket featuring a few bottles makes a perfect present. Whether you want to give them a housewarming present, or you’re celebrating a birthday or anniversary, a wine gift basket is a gift that is a little elegant without going too far over the top.

Rather than just going to the local supermarket, picking up a couple of bottles of Gallo, and tying them up with a bow in any old basket you find around the house, why not make your wine gift basket an attractive and personalized gift?

Selecting Gift Basket Wine

Think about selecting wines for your gift basket that you would drink yourself. Similar to ordering wine for large groups at dinner or for a wine tasting, give a gift of wine that you would want to receive yourself. Maybe you know certain wines that the person to whom you’re giving the basket enjoys, or maybe there is someone close to the recipient that can guide you. It never hurts to ask questions of a mutual friend if you are a bit in the dark — just make sure they won’t spill the beans.


If you aren’t a wine drinker yourself, and if you don’t know the taste of the person you’re gifting wine to, you should choose a local wine or two. Every state in America has at least a couple of wineries, even outlying states like Alaska and Hawaii claim locally made wines. Local wines make a nice gift not only because it supports your local wine industry, but because it adds a personal touch to the gift. If the gift recipient is not a native of the state where you live, you could consider purchasing a wine from the area where they were born. A few years ago, I myself received a gift basket of Texas wines. As a proud Texan, the wines in the basket gave me a little taste of home, and I’m proud to display the bottles to this day.

Another option for wine selection is to consider the season. If a celebratory holiday is approaching, consider a gift of sparkling wines, or Champagne. These wines have a reputation for being overly expensive, but there is a wide range of sparkling wines (from Cava to American sparkling whites) and they come in a wide variety of prices.

Ideas for What To Include In A Wine Gift Basket

Cheeses, among other things, are great items to include in a wine gift basket. However, as most cheeses will most likely spoil if left out in a gift basket, they do not make an ideal inclusion. What else can go into a wine gift basket? Consider adding a few nice chocolate gifts. Many people unfamiliar with wine don’t realize this, but chocolate pairs with wine as well as cheese, and there are as many varieties of pairings between wine and chocolate as there are between wine and cheese. Rather than include a Hershey bar in your gift basket (unless of course the recipient is a well known Hershey’s freak) you should add gourmet foods or exotic chocolates. These can be found in gourmet shops, candy stores, wine shops, and even some large grocery stores these days. Yes, you will spend a little more money for good chocolate, but you don’t have to include a large amount of it, because gourmet chocolate should be enjoyed in small doses.

Adding a set of wine glasses to your basket is another wonderful idea. If the person receiving your wine gift basket doesn’t usually drink wine, they may not own any proper wine glasses at all, and adding the glasses yourself is very considerate. Remember that most wine drinkers prefer crystal glasses, and ideally these glasses should be clear. Two to four glasses should be plenty. Also, if the recipient isn’t normally a wine drinker, throw in a few wine accessories, such as a nice corkscrew. There are many models on the market.

Wrapping The Wine Basket

Standard gift baskets come in all sorts of materials — most people think wicker when they think of a gift basket, but you could also use wood or even metal. Variety of materials will add a personal touch to your wine gift basket.

To fill your basket, use soft materials that will help to keep the bottles from breaking. Tissue paper, straw, even decorative napkins or paper towels will do.

Once you’ve got your basket assembled — basket, filler material, wine, and extra treats — decorate the basket itself with a bow or some brightly colored ribbon. Adding a personalized note to the recipient will put the finishing touch on your wine gift basket.

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