South Carolina Wineries & Winery Tours

South Carolina can be a difficult climate for grape growing. However, in the 1600s explorers noted that wild grapes grew in the hot climate on the shores of the state.  The climate can be extremely hot in South Carolina, which can be tough on grapes.

Today the wines produced in South Carolina use the local muscadine grapes as well as grapes imported from other vineyards to create spectacular wines. South Carolina wineries are open for tastings. There are some special events and festivals during the growing year that celebrate the wines of the region. While the climate may not be perfect for grape growing, the wineries of the state have found a way to create wines in the region that are distinct and unique.

A trip to South Carolina allows you to enjoy all the state has to offer from fine dining to cultural experiences that you will not find anywhere else in the country. The wineries in the region offer wine tastings and festivals throughout the year. The Williams Vineyard, for instance, celebrates the muscadine grape in fun events for the entire family.

The Valentine Sagefield Vineyard and winery is the perfect romantic getaway for couples with a bed and breakfast available right on the premises. A stay at this vineyard allows you to explore the wines and vineyards and the surrounding area. This winery offers wines made from local muscadine grapes as well as fruits of the region for some interesting hybrid wines.


Lowcountry Winery has a fine selection of wines available that will suit all tastes. Sample wines at this winery that incorporate fruits such as peaches and raspberries in the wines to create a completely unique flavor. The winery is located in an historic area of the state which allows visitors to see the South Carolina of days gone by.

Hampton Street Vineyard

1207 Hampton Street

Columbia SC 29201


Indiantown Vineyards

1 Highway 261

West Hemingway SC 29554


Valentine Sage Field Vinyards & Winery

1185 N Silverton

Jackson, SC 29831

(803) 471-9809

Carolina Vineyards Winery

4922 S Kings Hwy

Myrtle Beach, SC 29575

(843) 361-9181