What Are Wine Tours, And How Do Wine Tours Work?

There are any number of events and tourist destinations geared toward wine lovers. From winery visits and wine tastings to wine lover’s cruises and tours of wine regions, people who appreciate wine have a variety of options when it comes to entertainment that caters to their tastes. The most adventurous wine related event might be the wine tour. A wine tour is a scheduled calendar of wine related events organized by a tour company or individual attended by people interested in wine. Food, tours of wine sites, entertainment, and even some lodging are covered under a the cost of the tour event. Think of it as a wine vacation.

Are Wine Tours?

People from all walks of life enjoy wine tours. Most wine tours are geared toward a specific group of wine enthusiasts — one tour may offer a large number of visits to family wineries with very few frills thrown in, and this kind of tour might cater to the serious student of viticulture or perhaps winemakers themselves. Another tour may wine-tours

offer two or three tours of wineries with plenty of recreational activities and dinners sprinkled about for the more casual wine lover. Still, do not be surprised if you meet a wide variety of people on a wine tour. The idea that wine is a beverage of the idle rich is simply not true.

How Wine Tours Work

People go on wine tours for various reasons. One good reason is educational. I have been on a tour of Oregon wineries full of wine lovers looking to learn more — a chef interested in expanding his knowledge of wine because he was opening his own restaurant, or a married couple taking detailed notes in order to prepare to start their own small winery in Washington. Still others are into it for knowledge, but for different reasons. I have seen a big rise in the number of wine tour attendees simply looking to bolster their own significant knowledge of wine — these people may be serious collectors brushing up on their regional wine knowledge, or casual wine drinkers expanding their wine vocabulary, as it were.

Quite often, people take wine tours to celebrate, or because they’ve been given the trip as a gift. On the same trip to Oregon, a newlywed couple was celebrating their honeymoon, and wine country (no matter where it is) is certainly a romantic destination. I have been on wine tours in Europe with older married couples celebrating anniversaries, students on tour as graduation gifts, and groups of old friends simply celebrating life.

The point is that wine has reached a new status in America — a drink for all types of people. Wine tours in your own state can open your eyes to the wine being made right in your own backyard. Remember that every state in the country has at least one winery, and all wineries will be happy to offer some sort of tour, perhaps even allowing you to taste their wares. Going on a tour of Texas wineries in college really opened my eyes to the exploding wine culture in my home state, known more for its beer drinking and barbecue than its Pinot Noir and Riesling. Next time you plan a trip here in America, consider searching out a local winery and including it on your vacation. Much can be learned about a state from drinking wines produced there — a red wine from California will have totally different characteristics than one produced in New York, though I have had amazing wine from both states.

A wine tour will do more than increase your knowledge of wine. You’ll meet interesting people with whom you share at least one interest. Treat yourself to a wine tour, and soak up the beauty of the world’s wine regions.

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