What Is a Wine of the Month Club?

A wine of the month club is the perfect way to experience new wines without ever leaving your home.

Like any “_____ of the month” club, when you join a wine of the month club you can expect a selection of wines to arrive at your door each month. The type, cost, and regularity of these shipments varies from club to club.

So how do you know which wine of the month club to join? There are a few factors to help determine what club you should join.

Monthly Wine Club Costs

The most important factor for most customers is going to be the cost of the monthly wine club. There are as many wine of the month clubs as there are budgets, and even the pricier wine of the month clubs offer increments of delivery to help out if you’re not looking to spend a ton of money.


Full disclosure, my family is a member of Wine of the Month from Amazing Clubs. I chose this club because of cost. Their 12 month delivery program averages out to $33.95 a month, which is a savings of four bucks per month over their one month service. For 12 months of service from my club, I pay just over $407 for the year. As mentioned, however, you can sign up for just one month at $37.95 and give their service a try.

Other cost options for wine of the month clubs — WineExpress.com’s Perfect Pair club runs a little cheaper by the month ($35.80) but doesn’t offer any discount if you order an annual subscription. You’ll be paying $35.80 per month regardless of how many months you order.

Wine of the month clubs can run as high as $1219 per year (the highest I’ve seen) also offered by WineExpress.com — the difference is, for paying a little more you get 3 reds and 3 whites each month. This breaks down to just under $17 per bottle, and many of the bottles you’ll get from this club are worth far more than this.

Getting Variety In Wine Of The Month Clubs

Ask yourself — do you drink mostly red or white wines? Do you want to pair your wine delivery with a food item, like a wine and cheese combination? Do you want just a couple of wines per month, or multiple bottles?

No matter your desire, there’s likely a wine of the month club that suits your taste and need for variety. Gourmet Monthly Clubs offers a Wine and Cheese club, for instance, that pairs a red and a white wine with an appropriate cheese for each, each month. This takes the guess work out of the difficult task of pairing wine and cheese. There’s also the California Wine Club, which is just what its name implies — a selection of either two reds, two whites, or one of each delivered to your door each month, all of which come from California vineyards. This club also allows you to continue to order a certain bottle if it strikes your fancy. WineExpress.com, whose clubs are certainly worth your time, offers a red-only and a white-only club, known as Rich Reds or Winning Whites.

Decide what kind of wine experience you want — be it wine paired with a certain food, or wine from a certain region — and sign up for the club that fits your needs.


Perhaps the best online source for wine, K&L Wine Merchants out of San Francisco, offer some of the best loved wine clubs right from their website. If a wine club’s reputation is of utmost concern to you, check out their wide variety of clubs. From the Best Buy wine club (for those of us looking to save some dough) to the Champagne club (the best champagnes and sparkling wines of the world) this famous wine merchant has an option you’re sure to love. They even offer a Personal Sommelier Service where you are the boss — you decide what wines, how many, what varieties, and how often they are shipped to you. Once you’ve made your list, K&L’s sommeliers will send you wines that they feel will fit your taste.

Remember when picking a wine of the month club to look for added value items. Many clubs offer extras with their packages, such as newsletters about their wine offerings, books about wine, or coupons for future orders. Selecting a club that offers you a bit more for your money is a great way to lower cost, add value, and expand your knowledge of wine and wine tasting.

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