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Before starting the process of registering and using the Website, carefully read the General Conditions of Use below, which make up the Contract that regulates its use.


1. The General Conditions of Use are applicable to all Users who may use the Website, its tools and applications (“Services, Discount Coupons and Offers”).

1.1. The Services made available by ASKDEB are open to any and all Users, of legal age or emancipated under the terms of the law (“Users”).

1.2. By clicking the “I accept” button on the registration page, the User declares to have read and fully agreed with the terms and conditions that make up this Agreement.

1.3. Acceptance of the General Conditions of Use is essential for browsing and using the Website's services and/or installing and using the tools and applications made available therein, formalizing the Agreement between the User and ASKDEB.

1.4. The parents or legal representatives of the minor who uses the services and contents of the Website will be responsible for all acts carried out by him, both before ASKDEB and third parties.

1.5. As the User is a Legal Entity, their legal representative will be responsible for the use of the Services.

1.6. Failure to comply with the conditions set out in this instrument will result in the User's temporary or definitive suspension of access to the Services, at ASKDEB's discretion, in addition to other applicable measures.


2. The Website is an interactive communication channel that collects, organizes and disseminates the content of offers, advertisements, discount coupons and other publications that contain promotions and offers provided by third parties.

2.1. Through the use of the Website, its tools and applications, Users will have access to the content of offers and discount coupons, as well as standardized services for searching and locating offers and coupons (“Content”).

III REGISTRATION (if applicable)

3. If ASKDEB decides, at its own discretion, to make access to the Website and its tools and applications by Users subject to completing a registration, the rules described in this clause III will apply.

3.1. To access the Website and its tools and applications, it is up to the User to fill in all the fields necessary to complete the registration, and the responsibility for the origin, quality and veracity of the information entered in the registration and/or purchase order rests exclusively with the User.

3.2. Minor Users who are not properly represented, Users who have not correctly completed their registration and Users who have had their registration previously canceled, for any reason, will be automatically removed from registration.

3.3. It will be up to the User to update the registration information whenever necessary.

3.4. ASKDEB is not responsible for the correction of personal data entered by its Users.

3.5. Registrations that contain expressions or characteristics i) of an insulting nature, ii) that violate the rights of third parties, iii) similar to names and pseudonyms of people of public relevance, famous or registered by third parties will also be canceled at any time; and iv) expressions that may mislead third parties; The User is responsible for responding to any and all complaints in this regard.

3.6. Registrations that contain expressions or characteristics i) of an insulting nature, ii) that violate the rights of third parties, iii) similar to names and pseudonyms of people of public relevance, famous or registered by third parties will also be canceled at any time; and iv) expressions that may mislead third parties; The User is responsible for responding to any and all complaints in this regard.

3.7. The User will also be responsible for any claim or damage resulting from the use of inaccurate, untrue or irregular third-party information.

3.8. The access password registered by the User is personal and non-transferable, and the User is responsible for any damage resulting from the disclosure of their access key and/or password to third parties. If the User's password is lost, for any reason, it is the User's responsibility to formally notify ASKDEB, so that appropriate measures can be taken, and the User is responsible for any damages resulting from the use of their access password by third parties while no such communication was made to ASKDEB.

3.9. The User expressly authorizes ASKDEB to maintain the registered information in its database as well as any information related to the User's navigation on the Website, and ASKDEB may use such information with its strategic, commercial or technical partners, for the purpose of offering services and/or content to the User, as well as to improve information traffic and the technology used on the Website.

3.10. ASKDEB is authorized to use the User's data for the purposes of promoting the Website.


4. The User declares to be aware that the content of the Website and its Services are protected by industrial property rights, copyrights and related rights, being the exclusive property of their respective author or ASKDEB and, therefore, undertakes not to reproduce, edit or alter it, in whole or in part, without due authorizations and licenses.

4.1 The entire image and functionalities of the website and its Services may not be reproduced by the User or third parties, in any capacity, without due written authorization from ASKDEB.

4.2. If the User wishes to reproduce the content, they must obtain the appropriate authorizations and licenses, being obliged to attribute authorship credits when reproducing, assuming full and exclusive responsibility for any infringement of third party rights, exempting ASKDEB from any responsibility in this regard. .

4.3. In the event of a proven breach of these Conditions of Use, the User will be automatically excluded from the Website, having their registration cancelled, and will also be responsible for liability for any damages caused, without limiting other responsibilities provided for by law.


5. Considering that the Website is created virtually, whose technical operating conditions cannot be controlled at all, it is agreed that ASKDEB is not responsible for any damages that may eventually occur to the User's information, data and content.

5.1. ASKDEB will make its best efforts to keep the User's content, data and information free of viruses or other elements harmful to electronic systems, however, it does not guarantee the total absence of such elements.

5.2. The User acknowledges, from now on, that ASKDEB cannot be held responsible for any damages resulting from technical problems, related to communication failures due to incompatibility of operating systems and/or similar, including temporary unavailability of the system, without exclusion unforeseeable circumstances and force majeure.

5.3. The adoption of any devices, devices, software or other resource that contradict the rules of the regulation or that may interfere with or make the activities of the Website and its Tools unfeasible will result in the exclusion of the User, without prejudice to the assessment of losses and other applicable legal sanctions.

5.4. Violation of any of the provisions herein will subject the offender to payment for any losses or damages caused.

5.5. The use of the Website and its Tools is also subject to the provisions set out in notices, legal terms, regulations, among other specific instructions that may be published on the Website.

5.6. If any legal determination annuls or renders ineffective any of the provisions of this instrument, its other conditions will remain valid, except if the effect of said determination, at ASKDEB discretion, affects the viability of maintaining the Website and/or its Tools.

5.7. The conditions set out in this instrument may be changed at any time, regardless of any notice, with a view to adapting or improving the Website and the Services provided by it.

5.8. If the User does not agree with any changes to the instrument, he or she must notify ASKDEB via email [email protected], within 48 hours of publishing the new instrument. In such a case, the User will have their registration cancelled, ending the relationship established by this instrument, leaving only the obligations contracted by the User prior to their expression of disagreement with the new general conditions of use.

5.9. Access to the Website may be interrupted, suspended or terminated at any time, for different reasons, including due to routine maintenance.

5.10. The User declares and acknowledges that the download of any content from the Website does not grant him ownership of any trademarks displayed on the Website.

5.11. None of the brands or stores displayed on the Website or its Tools can be considered by the User or third parties as being in the public domain, and the rights of their respective owners must be respected.

5.12. The User must not upload, publish or otherwise make available on the Website any material, whether or not protected by copyright, trademark registration or any other intellectual property right.

5.13. The charges charged by the internet provider and telecommunications service operator (WAP, GPRS) of the User's choice, as well as applicable taxes, will be the responsibility of the User.

5.14. ASKDEB will take all appropriate measures to maintain the confidentiality of the information registered by the User, but will not be liable for damages resulting from any violation of such measures by third parties who use public networks or the internet illegally, corrupting security systems. to access information from the Website and, consequently, its Users.

5.15. It is expressly and irrevocably agreed that the abstention from the exercise, by either party, of the right or power available to them under this instrument, or the agreement with the delay in fulfilling the obligations of the other party, will not affect that right or power, which may be exercised, at any time, at the sole discretion of its holder and will not alter the conditions agreed in this instrument.